Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Morning Jacket at House of Blues Orlando 083008

dooglas carl (recycledminds blog) and I are packing up the WHO-GAY? Volkswagon and heading to the House of Rules in Orlando to catch the My Morning Jacket show as I speak.. The car has such a loving handle because dooglas carl's ride has a license plate of H00 6AY; he's spotted several people with phones and camera phones pull in behind him to take a picture of his license plate, and of course dozens of (bi?) curious looks when they pass him.. He's a speed demon though, so he's usually in the left lane like a good driver should be..

Stay tuned for some pics, setlists and any interesting tid bits that evolve..

6 pack of Guinness was the tops from the Hillsborough Ave Citgo.. Thought we were lost when we got into Disneylando, but turned onto the right street anyhow, not soon enough for dooglas carl who still had to piss behind the dumpster beore another step could be taken.. Found Strawberry Shortcake and her friend Robyn "Dont call me Colcorde" Roberts at the hotel.. Sweet view of Downtown Disney.. Going to try and eat at the HoB to avoid some lines..

dooglas carl has a good looking girl come up to him and say "you're a good looking guy, but you smell"

setlist (I'm still piecing last night together, two songs I didn't know and I can't read my handwriting/notes on a few)

Anytime, Aluminum Park, Off the Record, Evil Urges, What a Wonderful Man, Two Halves, Jim Banter "Yells Disneyworld!!!!", Golden, Thank You Too, I'm Amazed, The Way That He Sings, ??? (Evelyn is not real?), I will Sing You Songs, Librarian, Dondante, Phone Went West, ???

Law Low, Mahgeetah, Highly Suspicious, ???, Touch Me I'm Going to Scream, Smokin From Shootin, Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Pt 2, Run Thru, One Big Holiday

The rain started to come down just as we walked onto the Downtown Disney complex, which was still a 10 minute walk to the venue.. We ducked into a Fish and Chips place and grabbed some fried food.. The rain dissipated and we headed over the the House of Blues.. Security was wanding people, so we had to use extra precaution to get bowls in - Success! - We grabbed some area around the center of the second balcony and more or less hung out there fore the entire show.. The sound is pretty good there.. By the time the show started (8:45 ish), you would be seriously squished if you wanted to get on the floor.. Double rum and cokes were the drink of the night for dooglas and I, the ladies went with beers.. There is no smoking int he venue and they polkice that pretty well, so incognito smoking is required - Success!.

Had to tell Strawberry Shortcake to chill out a few times throughout the night, we don't support song talkers !! ; )

The entire second set was really excellent, Smokin From Shootin, my personal highlight..


Anonymous said...

As I awake from a literally 15 hour sleep/rest off from Saturday in Orlando, I brought many a gift back with me, including multiple bruises and sore spots all over my body - now, if that ain't a sure indicator of a job well done on my behalf....a cigarette burn on my chin (?), and other unidentifiable objects that tell a story of outrageous debauchery!!!

BTreotch is correct - I did a bit of "song talking" and yeah, I'm not a big supporter of "song-talkers" myself but I'm sure ALL of you can see me doing that at some point....

:) I just get so excited and it has to come out some way besides the shake of my ass and bouncing I do normally.....

All in all, I'd say this weekend was an accomplishment for me - did you get any pictures BTreotch? (I'm almost afraid to ask) - I have now seen my 2nd favorite live band in a fantastic well as getting raging if you'll excuse me, I need to bathe.

Jim said...

That "Evelyn is not real" song is simply titled "Evelyn." We got it in Austin as well, and I was not too sure what I was hearing either. It's a great song though!