Saturday, August 23, 2008

Outside Lands Music Festival Saturday Live Blog

1:40 just got in. Chilling at the back of abigail washburn w/bela fleck in lindley meadow, beautiful singing over banjo and bluegrass strings.

1:47 a rocky rumble reminiscent of wilco/mmj/neil young is comingout of a band I've never hear before, everest. I really like them. Playing at a tiny stage, people sitting down int the meadow bobbing heads...

...You know a band is good when they say its their last song and you could hear a few more...everest really impressed me, would love to get the record and see them at the fox or boulder theater if they come.
Disco santa sighting: he is here taking pictures and has a writer teammate...check out the coverage at or something like that.

4:11 chillin to m ward. Worlds collide:, and coventry music blog all chinnin together.

2:24 at devendra banhart, crowd getting bigger for his band but very managable. This is more like what I thought the fest would be like...really nice.

2:53 made an impulse buy, got orange glasses. Got a good spot for galactic, crowd full but spaced out and manageable.

4:11 chillin to m ward. Worlds collide:, and coventry music blog all chillin together.
some_dude and justin what up yo!

4:39 at winwood kinda nice, crowd spread out, sound is good.

5:13 found chris, chillin at donovan frankenrider, still cold and overcast but so far today has let us hear the most music.

7:00 sitting at the back of cake, they sound good. People singing along. pretty big crowd for them, at least 15,000 seeing them

Frank sinatra
Sheep go to heaven
Rock n roll lifestyle
War pigs
Stickshifts and safetybelts
Comfort eagle

7:55 walked over and closed out the day at primus.

10:55 at the independent, seeing garage a trois at the independent. the place is tiny, smaller than the fox or cervantes. the band is marco benevento, skerik, mike dillon, and stanton moore. sounds awesome- the music is all over the place. skerik is a freak!

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