Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Triumphant Return of Trey Uninating in your Ears

Tonight is a big night, "Classic" Trey Band is playing to about 500 rabid fans at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY. It will be the first full band show by Trey since his arrest. We have gotten to hear little screams from the Languedoc during a couple of sit-ins with Phil and Friends and Dave Matthews, but tonight a lucky few will likely get to hear the signature Trey songs First Tube, Sand, Gotta Jibboo, and Mr. Completely. Pretty much every hipster in Brooklyn is going to be pwned by Trey tonight. Most also agree that Trey with classic TAB members Russ Lawton, Tony Markellis and Ray Paczkowski is a great way to come back. I am jealous cause as you know, I am Geigh for Trey (no homo).

I will be refreshing Twitter and Hidden Track later in the evening and hope that you will follow along as well- Scotty B has promised setlist and updates live from the venue.

Setlist via thanks for the updates, Scotty B!!!:

8/7/08 Classic Trey Anastasio Band, Music Hall of Williamsburg

I: Alaska*, Gotta Jibboo, Peggy*, Sweet Dreams Melinda, Sand, Cayman Review, Gone**^, Windora Bug, Night Speaks To A Woman

II: Tuesday, Drifting, Backwards Down The Number Line*, Spin, Valentine**^, Greyhound Rising**^, The Way I Feel, Mr. Completely >Light*^, First Tube

E: Heavy Things, Bug

Show Notes:
*new original; words and music by Trey and Tom Marshall
**new original; words and music by Trey
^first time played