Russ Brown - The Fugitive Peace

One of the good things about poker is that you meet a lot of interesting people at the tables. One of those folks is Russ Brown. We used to play a lot of poker together both online and in Las Vegas. Russ is not just a poker player, he's also a talented musician and songwriter from Minnesota.

In many ways poker and gambling helped influence Russ' latest project called The Fugitive Peace. His latest CD is regarded as... "a potent mixture of 180 proof Folk-Rock, Americana, and Alt-Country that keeps you wistfully between the shot glass and the exit."
Track Listing for The Fugitive Peace:
1 Las Vegas Blvd
2 Dirtroads
3 Till My Lawyer Says Otherwise
4 Thrift Store Suit
5 Fortress Americana
6 Whiskey Chaser
7 Samurai Blues
8 St. Brigid
9 Fall Into Memphis
10 Joe Lewis
11 The Fugitive Peace
My two favorite tracks are Las Vegas Blvd and Joe Lewis.

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Here's some quick bio info about Russ...
Russ Brown is a singer-songwriter from Minneapolis, MN. He brings a distinctive and original sound with his first album, "The Fugitive Peace". From Memphis to Las Vegas and Montana to Minnesota, he wanders the dirtroads and alleys, looking for fugitives unjustly convicted and driven to the fringes of the American psyche.


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