Monday, February 02, 2009

American Idol: Meet Rose Flack

Coventry readers, meet your new poster girl. She's a 17-year old barefoot orphan from Idaho who sings a mean Carole King.

Meet Rose Flack, whom I have counted among my front-runners in this, the final week of American Idol auditions. We'll be seeing Rose again next week in Hollywood and if she doesn't make the Top 12, well, there's always Phish tour.

To get yourself ready for Hollywood Week, which kicks off tomorrow night on FOX, go read this week's recap American Idol: A Rose by Any Other Name.


B said...

I wondering if she's considered Massage Therapy for heddy Brahs..

the joker said...

shes 17? she was born in 1992...3 years after pauly saw his first Phish show...

pretty cute in that pic, though.