Saturday, February 21, 2009

Donate to Maybe So, Maybe Not - The Documentary

Noah Wilderman, an avid reader of Coventry Music Blog, is shooting a documentary about Phish called Maybe So, Maybe Not. Visit the site to read up on what he's trying to accomplish.

Anyway, he needs your help. With donations!
Maybe So, Maybe Not needs your support! With a concerted community effort, we can tell a story with relevance to many of our lives. Without the luxury of corporate sponsors, every donation helps move us a step closer to our goal. If music has ever touched your life, help us spread a positive message by making a donation.

The first round of donations was just enough to get us to and through the Hampton shoots, but to keep going and shoot all the interviews needed to make this film we still need your support! With a tough economy, the $50 shirts were a little over-the-top, so we've changed things up a bit so everyone can get involved. Now's the time to show your support by stepping up and making this film happen.

If everyone following along with us on this journey, donates $5 - we'll be in great shape to take this film as far as we can.

Please Note: All donations will be used exclusively towards documentary production.
Click here to donate $5.

1 comment:

Noah Wilderman said...

Thanks Pauly! Anyone who's interested in talking to us on camera and sharing a little piece of your Phish-perience in Hampton, on the road, or in the "real" world - we'd love to have you with us!

Hope to see you in Hampton!

Maybe So, Maybe Not