Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weed News: 500 Pounds of Pot Found on Tour Bus

500 lbs. of Marijuana Found on Fabolous' Tour Bus

Wait, a second. 500 pounds of pot? Are you shitting me?

That's a lot of weed.

Fabolous's tour bus was pulled over in Arkansas. The federalies found 500 pounds of ganja. But Fabolous flew to the next gig while his crew drove the bus. And the weed. 500 pounds of it.

In college, I moved a pound of Mexican ditch weed. It took me a week to sell it all off. I thought that I was Pablo Fuckin' Escobar. But 500 pounds? I mean, that's not fo personal blunt consumption.

Photo credit: Perez Hilton

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