Saturday, February 14, 2009

Today in Phishtory: 2/14/97 Brussels, Belgium

When I think about Belgium, two things come to mind... chocloate and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Then Phish came to town during their 1997 Winter tour of Europe and lit Brussels on fire with a scorching show.
02/14/97 Le Botanique, Brussels, Belgium

Set I: Runaway Jim, NICU, You Enjoy Myself, Sweet Adeline, Axilla, It's Ice, Billy Breathes, Uncle Pen, Antelope

Set II: AC/DC Bag, Ya Mar, Down With Disease, Funky Bitch, Reba, Walfredo, Rocko William, Scent of a Mule > A Day in the Life

Encore: Character Zero
Download Links (Courtesy of HoyDog23):
2/14/97 Brussels - Part 1
2/14/97 Brussels - Part 2
2/14/97 Brussels - Part 3

Only the second time ever that Phish played rare tunes such as Walfredo and Rocko William.

Part 1 included a couple of doozies with heavy hitters such as YEM and Antelope.

Part 3 is my favorite bunch with an unfinished Scent of a Mule > Day in the Life double dip. Zero encore gave me a hard on when I listened to it.

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Leilani said...

Never got to see Phish anywhere but in the US, and didn't get to see them enough there. But those Europe shows are legendary, man do I ever want to see Phish play there. Here's hoping they announce a small Europe 2010. Will give us just enough time to save up.