Hampton Ticket Scam: biggestfantickets

Be careful out there. Lots of slimy fuckers preying on happy Phisheads who want to go to Hampton.

biggestfantickets screwed over a slew of phans over at PT. Read through the lengthy thread, but the gist of it is some guy duped heads into giving him money in exchange for Hampton tickets. Alas, no tickets materialized and he took a lot of money from pissed people, anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 USD. He supposedly used some of the money to go to the NBA All Star game. He either couldn't fulfill orders or flat out burned fan.
Dear Valued Client,

Biggest Fan Tickets LLC is unfortunately going out of business. If you are expecting tickets from me, I am sad to say that we will not be able to fill your order. I have delivered thousands of tickets to my valued clients, but that is ending. Due to some extremely bad market turns in recent events, we are out of money and out of business. I cannot possibly express to you how sorry I am and am sure that you are very disappointed. We have no resources to refund or fill outstanding orders at this time. This must come as a horrible surprise to you and it has surprised me too. I have exhausted every resource that I may have to stay in business and had to make this very difficult decision. I am hoping to find work to keep food on my family's table and someday move on from these mistakes. I had every intention of filling all orders and hopefully getting a happy client for life when you purchased from me. I am left with nothing of financial value after this and can only say that I am sorry 1000 times. I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

I will be shutting down this email address and my phone number so please direct further inquiries via mail to my PO Box:
2025 Zumbehl Rd #22
St. Charles, MO 63303

Justin Kreft / Manager
Biggest Fan Tickets LLC
The scammed phans started a blog...Phan Unite.

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Update: Here's an article in the Telluride Daily Panet... Phish fans say T-rider burned them


Unknown said…
need to update your link to the PT thread
Unknown said…
also took family to super bowl. this guy is scum.
mike said…
I think this guy is the reason LYNCH MOBS were invented.

My heart goes out to anyone who was ripped off by this asshole lowlife scumbag. This is the exact reason why i'm not going to hampton. 1st of all, you should never have to pay that much money for one show. I flat out refused to be taken advantage of by these scumbags preying on the good intentions of phish fans. Even if it means missing a few shows, you got to take a stand somewhere.

Until the band actually decides to address this HUGE issue of scalping in a prudent manner, you will run the risk of being taken advantage of. will this ahunt us fans throughout 3.0?

Might i suggest a new ticket system that places an emphasis on returning customers, actual fans, over these scalping assholes who are only out there to make a buck off us. The scalpers clearly have an advantage in getting tickets, wheter they actually have the tickets is another story.

All along there has been a feeling in my gut telling me NOT to give into these scalpers demand$ no matter how badly i would like to go to a show. You have to draw a line of sanity somewhere. If your willing and able to drop $900 on three shows in these economic times, then you clearly have done well for yourself. The majority of phish fans cannot afford this. Thats why this asshole's actions really strike a nerve with me. He's taking money from people who don't have very much of it in the first place.

like i said before (and i dont condone violence) THIS GUY IS THE REASON THEY HAD LYNCH MOBS BACK IN THE DAY!
Anonymous said…
OMG, a photo of "Damone," classic! How many of your readers even got that? "Ok, Earth wind and fire tickets for Charles Jefferson and little brother. He's a good looking kid." After Sean Penn just won best actor, I would say the cast of that movie has had some great careers. Except damone of course.

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