Sunday, February 01, 2009

Phish Saves America

A friend of ours, Leilani Polk, is writing a cool weekly piece in Tampa's Creative Loafing, check it out here. (logo art by Phil Bardi)
An increased mortgage payment, termites, a car accident, a string of break-downs, the Creative Loafing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, stress-related heart palpitations, the gas price hike, Sarah Palin and John McCain and George Bush and all the dark and dreary days of bad news after bad news, of living paycheck to paycheck, the bleak and undeniable truth of our country’s recession — all of it was put into perspective when my four favorite musicians decided that it was finally time to get back together and make great music again.

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Sammy Martin said...

i love your blog!!! it is where i want mine to be someday. keep up the good work.