Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cash or Trade for your Extra! ticket site for Phans

Link. From their website:
We are two brothers from Vermont who go by the names Dusty and Brando. If you don’t know us by name, then you probably recognize our faces from the many years of shows. We were there for the satin doll in 93 at UNH, we witnessed the boys break free from the college gym at Worcester (the hose) with that rockin lyricless disease, we enjoyed the Gamehenge at Greatwoods, the early plane during the Harpua at Sugarbush, the Hot Dog at the Boston Garden, the Glide II at Lowell, the silent jam jam at Albany, the sunset at the Clifford Ball and the Gorge, the Destiny at Nassau, the Miami feel feel feel, the bittersweet Coventry, and the many other magical moments of Phish along the way.

If you’re like us, you love the music, but dislike the hassle. Whether you have supported the band for 15 years, or never even heard of them, your chances of finding a ticket is as good as your grandmother’s credit card, or being subject to sister companies and scalpers. Either way we are all in this together.. and having a place online where the Phish community can ethically trade for tickets would be a dream, hence the launch of

We own a web design firm and decided to put our accounts aside and launch this new ticket trading website in hopes that maybe we will obtain some Hampton tickets. The days of the Doniac Schvice are over, but the power of the community still exists.

We are giving away 2 FREE TICKETS to a show on this summer tour in efforts to keep the miracle alive. We are devoted to making this website a functional tool to help embrace the positive vibe that once existed in the early days.

Thanks for your creative participation. Who’s got my extra Hampton?

Dusty and Brando

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