Friday, February 13, 2009

Today in Phishtory: 2/13/97 London, UK

2/13/97 Shepherds Bush Empire, London, UK

Set I: Chalkdust Torture, Wolfman's Brother, 2001, Stash, Walfredo, Taste, Waste, Poor Heart, Character Zero, Peaches en Regalia, Love Me, David Bowie

Set II: Julius, Cars Trucks Buses, My Soul, Punch You in the Eye, Slave to the Traffic Light, When the Circus Comes to Town, Maze > Rocko William, Harry Hood, Frankenstein

Encore: Prince Caspian, Johnny B Goode
Download links (courtesy of HoyDog23):
2/13/97 London, UK - Part 1
2/13/97 London, UK - Part 2
2/13/97 London, UK - Part 3

A dozen years or so ago today, Phish embarked on a 14-show Winter European Tour which kicked off in London. After a six week touring hiatus in Vermont, the boys would visit seven different countries including performing five shows in Germany.

1997 was one of mt favorite years of Phish. They were heavily performing songs that appeared off the Billy Breathes album along with a few covers that would fall into heavy rotation for the summer and spring shows.

The Shepherds Bush show kicked off the entire tour and featured the debut of two songs that never quite made it to the big time. It's sort of like calling up a rookie to play in a few baseball games. The kid wasn't ready so they sent him back down to the minors. Alas, Walfredo and Rocko William are some of the rarest original Phish songs of all time. Both songs debut in London and neither would be played more than five times each. And Rocko featured an enthusiastic Fishman on lead vocals.

Highlights from the first set included a cover of Peaches and 2001. The entire second set gives me smiles all around and included some of my favorite tunes in... PYITE, Slave, and Hood.


Man with a plan said...

I have this original poster, and the one from the 2/17 Amsterdam shows, with signed ticket stubs - Trey after the London show and Mike after Amsterdam.

Wonder what they'd be worth today, not that I would ever get rid of them.

Dr. Pauly said...

Wow, nice collection from Winter 97... probably worth at least a couple of Hampton tickets... but like you said, why would you ever get rid of those?