Documentary Project on Phish Phans

One of the best aspects of Phish is how they influence and inspire other creative types. Jen Morgan is one of those people. She's currently working on a documentary photo project involving Phisheads. She's seeking your help!

Here's an email that Jen sent us...
Hello Pauly and Coventry Blog contributers,

My name is Jen Morgan. I am currently a student studying Photography at the Art Institute of Boston in Boston MA. I am doing a documentary project on Phish Phans. I live in the Boston / Greater Boston area and I was wondering if you could help me out. I am a phan myself and I want to explore what makes Phish Phans so different from other fans of music. Why is going to shows a must, how much has Phish taken over their lives and from their homes to the parking lot to the shows what drives phans to be so devoted? I need to contact people to make this photo documentary happen. I was wondering if you could maybe post something on the blog about what I am trying to do. With the tour and the reunion coming up this is an important time for me to get others involved. Let me know if there is anyway you could help me out. This is non-profit, I am just an art student trying to make a difference and explore in this magical time.

Jen Morgan

P.S. keep the great blogs coming :) !
You can contact Jen here.

Also, here's a sampling of some of her photography...

Photos courtesy of Jen Morgan


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