Friday, July 28, 2017

Phish Setlist: Bakers Dozen MSG 6 - 7/28/17 Night 6 - DOUBLE CHOCOLATE

DONUT: Double Chocolate

The second weekend of Baker's Dozen commenced with Night 6 of the 13-show run at MSG.

The remainder of the MSG run will be webcast at LivePhish.

For Baker's Dozen coverage, follow @CoventryMusic for "weather permitting" Twitter updates. We're also on IG too... @CoventryMusic.

Here's what went down on Friday night....

Phish, Baker's Dozen Night 6 - 7.28.17 MSG, NYC 

Set 1: Chocolate Rain**, Ass Handed, Free, Weigh > Undermind, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony, The Dogs, Destiny Unbound, Divided Sky, Things People Do, Sand

Set 2: Have Mercy, Chalkdust > You Sexy Thing** > Mercury > You Sexy Thing > Backwards Down the Number Line > Rock & Roll

E: Fee, Space Oddity^

**debut, FTP
^ performed a capella

by @taopauly

Friday donut: Double Chocolate... Sat behind the stage with Benjo. We had first row, which the lovely @change100 pulled via Ticketbastard... Hovered over Page and his rig all night. I had to ignore any fears about dancing like a mollified moron on the webcast and becoming meme-worthy (and not in a good way)... Covers were anticipated to compliment donut themes at Baker's Dozen, but I didn't expect a viral YouTube video would pop up on the radar of Phish. Alas, one of the truly infamous viral vids, Chocolate Rain, got the Phish-cover treatment on Night 6 when Phish kicked off their Friday show with an a capella version of it. Bonus choreography!... Fishman stayed out front and unleashed Ass Handed... Free always sounds bad ass at MSG, especially when the ground below you bounces... Rare Weigh and many friends got their first one ever, or first one in almost a decade or more... Oh Kee Pa stand-alone with no Suzy hump seg... Went deep into bag of tricks with Destiny Unbound... Indoor versions of Divided Sky are special, particularly when surrounded by skyscrapers. Crowd lapped up the pause peaks... Saw Page with shit-eating grin while he sang Things People Do. Leo loves it. And he spends time stalking Phishy chicks on Pintrest when he's not VIPing it up in the Meat Packing District with James Murphy... Sand set closer? Talk about a nifty curveball... Sometimes you get a little excited, but lil sloppy with the bustouts. Have Mercy is the perfect example... Bad-ass Chalkdust raced past the 20-min mark and almost clocked in at 25 before Trey started the opening licks to what I thought was gonna be PYITE. Nope. We got a cover instead: Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate. For years I thought Tom Jones sang the original, but it was one of those one-hit wonder bands from yesteryear. Gordo crushed the vocals, lipstick and all... Trey ripcorded the funk jam out for a self-indulgent Backwards. I'm always irked when it starts, but I'm singing along by the end. They always suck me in... Leo the Lion destroys covers, especially the Velvet Underground's Rock and Roll. Usually it's a set 2 opener, but Phish closed out the show with this one. Anytime Leo sings it's an instant panties dropper... Fucking Fee encore? Trey picked up the megaphone and the crowd went apeshit.... Space Oddity capped off the double-dip encore for the double chocolate show... 6 down, 7 more to go.

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Double Chocolate Droids?

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stewnana said...

You rock Argonaut 🚀

Pauly said...

Good work Argo

PhreshPhish said...

Argo killin it for this whole run!

fourfootflood said...

Argo making it rain chocolate once again...many thanks brother.

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Argo, you are the MVP and I would like to buy you a spicy chicken sandwich next weekend.

Pauly - FYI Terrapin Radio got shut down by nugs

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Any chance this could be available again?