Saturday, July 15, 2017

Phish Setlist: Chicago 7/15/2017 Northerly Island - Saturday SIMPLE

Phish played the second of a three-night run at Northerly Island in Chicago. Another debut and a monstrous SIMPLE highlighted the evening.

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Thanks to the quality, super-heady Mixlr streams courtesy of: mdawg | lvnphish

Just another Saturday night in Chicago. Here's what you missed...
Da Phish, 7.15.17 Chicago, IL

Set 1: Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan, MoMA, The Wedge, Halfway Moon, Ya Mar, Martian Monster, Party Time, Wingsuit, Bouncin*, MORE

Set 2: Corona **, SIMPLE > Winterqueen > Light > Cities > Slave

E: Loving Cup
** Debut, FTP
* Pauly Takes a Piss Song

Quickie Couch Tour Review: Saturday SIMPLE
by @taopauly

SIMPLE!... That's all you need to know. Simple. 27+ minutes. Jam'd the fuck out hizzle my dizzle Saturday Simple schwizzle... Oh, and they debuted another new TAB tune, named after a popular Mexican beverage... Gordo wore black lipstick. As my boy Mitch said, "Mike looks like a 75-year old Estee Lauder model"... Knew shit was gonna get weird during an extended jam in Martian Monster. Something clicked and the boys remembered how to jam. Kicked it up a notch and blasted off... Two down, one more to go in Chicago.
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Argonaut said...

These are not the droids you're looking for:

allaboutstyle said...

Thanks for the not droids Argonaut. Fantastic Set II tonight, great Simple, awesome Cities.

Pauly said...

@ARGO.... Good per usual. Droids? What droids? Bwhahahah.

ichywys said...

i love you

Free Paul said...

Any chance we can get a re-re on those droids?

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