Back Where it all Began

My associate, the embedded Guerrilla videographer known as mkdevo is back from fall tour and is pumping out his personal brand of high quality, audio synced HD vids.

As the holiday's come and go, I've been reflecting on what a great year it's been cultivating friendships across the country, most of which have revolved around the phish. In a stunning display of collective consciousness, mkdevo just released a series of knoxville 6-10-09, which happens to be the first show that many of us came together at this year (not to mention THE FIRST show for some). To all of you, it's been a year like none other; I'll see you in Miami.


mikey freshh said…

This show changed my life (mainly because i met the fine folks from coventy!)

great to see this show getting some love! the gem of summer 1.

see all you ballers in miami in 12 days!
Broseph said…
Right on Mikey; yeah what a strange/cool coincidence that you happened to be standing next to us when I asked stawberry: "hey, where's btreotch?" Rest is phishcoventry history.

See you in miami indeed. Are you staying close to the venue?
mikey freshh said…
I'll be @ the downtown courtyard. About as close to the venue as possible!

I'll keep an eye out for you guys!!

I cannot wait!

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