Coventry At the Movies: Avatar

"#Avatar is full of leftist, treeThuggin propaganda...and really quite awesome..." -@BTreotch

I saw Avatar this Saturday night and loved it. Most of you have probably seen at least something about this movie - I've been telling people the plot is Dances With Wolves on another planet. The alien race is kinda cat-like, and well I like cats. I think everyone should go see 3D. If you are a hippy-dippy "love mother earth" kinda person you will dig the message and the shamanism of the Na'vi. The battle scenes are mind blowing as well. This is a trippy-psychedelic-beautiful movie. I'm not trying to over-hype, im just saying I enjoyed it...I bet you will too.

If you are looking for more movie recommendations, Dr. Pauly has been watching a lot of Documentaries...check out his post at Tao of Pauly.


Just saw Avatar. Awesome movie. Would highly recommend it. Great special effects and the Real 3D does the movie justice. Weird how after awhile the aliens look normal and not out of place.

Also have to put a plug in for SCI-FI movies in general. Some goods the past year. Star Trek and especially District 9 both killed.

Kiley "Fozzi" Lyons

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