Thursday, December 03, 2009

Phish Pollock Lost on Train Last Night

A very nice phan is looking for the person that left their Phish MSG Pollock on the train last night. You can see the original post at (requires login)

Here's the deal

Found a Tube on a train in the city after the Dec 2nd MSG show. The Tube contains a Pollock print and something else with a few items inside. No identification, no name. The contents are fairly unique. I feel like the person who lost it would be able to easily describe or identify the additional contents of the Tube. If you went to MSG on Dec 2, had a train ride and woke up the next morning missing your Pollock Tube and it's contents pm me. Accurately identify the contents of the tube and I'll see that it all gets back to you.

Ask around, if you hear someone who lost their Jp Dec 2 on a train get in touch with me via pm. I don't do phantasy tour but someone here who's on there drop this info over there, see if this person turns up.

- Thanks Dave cw

Hope the poster gets back to its owner.

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Vosh said...

wow, that's a kind dude. I lost my wallet at 8 and someone kindly picked it up and returned it to lost and found. I went to thank the unknown person on phantasy tour four days later, and miraculously connected with the guy. The best part is that he stashed the majority of my money in a hidden pocket just in case someone from lost and found would take it. He mentioned it on the PT thread, and I lost my shit when I looked in my wallet and found the additional cash. One of the greatest things ever; this guy deserved a nobel prize. Hope the owner of the poster gets his stuff pack. Here's to good heads!!!