Fandom Vs Fans

I enjoyed this article by David Steinberg...this section struck a chord with me:

"That exchange got me to thinking about band forums. The problem with music forums is that they’re driven by the diehards. Casual fans have other things to do than to sit on Philzone and argue about what lineup Phil should play with in 2010. As a result, discussion gets almost completely centered on the needs and wants of the megafans. This gives a completely twisted view of who goes to the shows. Even the most tour-centric crowds are largely filled with people who just want to see a show or two."

Right on, David! Read the whole article here.


jonas0tt0 said…
David Steinberg is a cu$tie n00b!
DiscoSis1 said…
good find! made me laugh and finally feel confident enough to sing along with waste. oh wait, i still wouldn't be caught dead doing that....

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