Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Jam Of The Year

Our friends @ericwyman and @Unolker are getting together a 2009 Jam of the Year compilation. They are looking for input- please fill out the form here if there is something you want on the compliation. This will also be a topic of discussion on an upcoming episode of This Week On Lot.

Its a tough choice. Some feel that Phish 3.0 doesnt jam enough...but I would rather have a strong jam than one that doesnt go anywhere. Here are a few of my favorites in 2009:

Hampton Tweezer
Camden Sand
Camden Tweezer
Asheville Ghost
Red Rocks Drowned > Crosseyed & Painless
Red Rocks Tweezer
Gorge Bathtub Jin
Gorge Sneakin Sally
Gorge Rock and Roll
Gorge Tweezer
Gorge Light
Hartford Ghost > Psycho Killer
Fest 8 Harry Hood / Burble Jam
Fest 8 Light
Fest 8 Backwards Down The Number Line
Fest 8 Tweezer
Fest 8 Maze
Cincinatti Tweezer
Portland Undermind
Albany Golden Age
Albany Seven Below > Ghost
MSG Scents > Seven Below > Twist
MSG Down W/Disease > Piper

let us know your thoughts...


Gordon St said...

SPAC - Backwards Down the Number Line
8 - Ghost

Adam said...

anyone with a mega url for msg3?

Pauly said...

1. Ghost - Albany
2. 7 below - Albany
3. Sand - Camden
4. Light - Gorge
5. Rock & Roll - Red Rocks

ericwyman said...

I'm putting some serious support behind Ghost > Psycho Killer. A lot of fun there. Crowd is into it.

Seven Below > Ghost is by far the leader in the clubhouse with public opinion so far.

Light is another great one, only problem is...WHICH ONE? We've gotten votes for nearly every Light played this year. Clearly an amazing song and solid everynight. said...

1. Ghost -> Seven Below (Albany)
2. Sand (Camden)
3. Drowned -> Crosseyed (Red Rocks)

YAKOV said...

There should not be a single Tweezer in here. Great song, but they haven't done anything out of the ordinary with it this year.

As for my highlights:

-Limb by Limb night 2 hampton is a sick solo.
-Character Zero night 2 hampton has as much energy as anything but the fluffhead from hampton.
-Time Turns Elastic is a shitty song, but a good jam
-Slave alpine 2 was epic, but no 90s version
-From Exile: Casino Boogie, Torn & Frayed, Let it Loose all gems
-from your list the hood fest 8 is nice

people should not focus on how long the jam is.

Quality, not quantity freaks.

Mr Fabulous said...

Disagree on the "no Tweezer" comment. Cincy Tweezer was the highlight of two epic nights. Also cast my vote for the Deer Creek Number Line and the Albany -7... didn't see it live but it sounds orgasmic on disk.

Uncle Jam said...

Festival 8 - Undermind

Almost Zappa-esque

Unknown said...

Gin from the Gorge hands-down. Gordo drives that thing out into the river bed and beyond about 12 minutes in.

mikey freshh said...

i need to see knoxville's "undermind" > "mike's groove" on that list STAT! lol

See all you ballers in miami!

ec said...

More OXY Jams please.

Ziggy Stardust said...

I feel biased that I'm picking one I was at, but the Gorge Gin is just... Well, it just is. It's the best evolving-jam I HEARD all year. To be fair, I'm still only about half way through msg and haven't heard Charlottesville. Don't care.

Gorge Gin

Ed from Texas said...

I voted for the MSG YEM jam. The Trey muted note jam from 10:30ish to 13:30 is the Trey at the top of his game. To me, that is the equivalent of Jordan dropping 50. Pauly perfectly describes the rest of the jam: "The jam out was like a deviant session of S&M from a German dominatrix who wouldn't let up and kept whipping and spanking and pouring hot wax on your genital areas."

In summary: catchy, high level of difficulty, Friday night at MSG, bob your head, dance your ass off jam. It got my vote.

Adam said...

msg3 url please?

DarthMyers said...

The Gorge Gin - Winner

2nd place -7>Ghost albany

Hampton Fluffhead


other notables = number line > 20yrs @ SPAC , hartford Slave , camden's Sand and Tweezer , RR's Tweezer , MSG Light- DWD -YEM, Philly's Gin, FOX Mike's and Boogie On , 8's Suzy , Starlake's TUBE , Alpines Crosseyed , Cobo's 46 , Cuse Piper>bbfcfm, Portlands Undermind , Hampton She Thinks I Still Care