Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bittersweet Motel - Watch Online

Bittersweet Motel is a Movie I watch AT LEAST once a year, usually around the holidays. This year, its especially wonderful because Phish is in the midst of a fantastic fall tour. If you don't own it, or have lost your copy...you can watch it online here.


Irongirl01 said...

Funny I asked Dr P about it during his Albany stay. Havent seen it yet and I was told to do so by my nephew.

Scott Bernstein said...

I watched it last month for the first time since it came out and had a blast doing so. Todd Phillips really did a good job showing what's special about that group of guys and the music they create.

Alyce's Wonderland said...

Great flick. Been a long time. Thanks for officially trashing my morning at work.

Kiley "Fozzi" Lyons

Mr Fabulous said...

Thanks for the link, just watched it in my hotel room in NYC... second time through and my first impression of the flick remains. It's less a movie about Phish and more a movie about Trey in which the cameras follow him around and the other band members occasionally wander into the frame. Nearly every bit of live footage is of Trey shredding. I'd be willing to bet that 3/4 of the band hates this movie.

Henry Holland said...

Nearly every bit of live footage is of Trey shredding. I'd be willing to bet that 3/4 of the band hates this movie

It's Fish, Mike and Page's own damn fault then. They were typical: "Oooohhh, we're going to be in a movie that's cool like Gimme Shelter!" and then a week or two in to the thing, they're sick of cameras following them everyone and tell the camera people to fuck off. The editing is the filmaker's revenge.

Love this movie, it was my entry in to Phish, not having heard a note of their music before.

the joker said...

"you brought bad reviews?"

"i dont care if we missed a number of changess...its all about the energy. i thought it was a rocking show"

"i know you know. tucson. arizona. i know you know."

"the girls that roll up in the veedubs..."

"i go to phish shows sober. less restrictions to get to that place. -what place?
that place in your soul. that place."

so many great quotes in this movie.

Mr Fabulous said...

The "Page's New Shirt" song is also pretty damn funny.