Jam Cruise 8: Here comes the joker

Jam Cruise is fast approaching. Assuming I am still alive after Miami, I will get on the Jam Cruise boat for the first time. Here are some helpful links I found while figuring out what the hell to take and what its like:

FAQ - First Time Jam Cruisers

All I really needed to learn, I learned on jamcruise

My checklist for Jam Cruise

Ok, what am I forgetting" thread.

Ice Cream Man Jam Cruise 7 Review and Pics

Anyone else have any questions, tips or tricks? Pray for my liver, and see you on the boat!


Scott Bernstein said…
So glad we are finally gonna get a chance to RAGE!
the joker said…
Scotty B on the BOAT!!! gonna be a partay
Unknown said…
I learned on JamCruise 2 a most important lesson. Consume all drugs before arriving back at port. The sound/sight of all those party favors being flushed down the toilet was a travesty. Plus, it clogged the plumbing. So sad. Customs will be a massive pain upon re-entry, don't think you can sneak shit by them, they are on a mission. We learned that tip from the first JamCruisers... many of whom had their stuff taken, plus the added inconvienence of charges being pressed.
MissAslan said…
Thanks for the plug on my posts.. hope you found them useful this year!! Smiles! Az

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