Sunday, January 25, 2009

2009 Phish Summer Tour: Cash or (Heady) Trade for Your Extras

If I played baseball for a living and batted .100, I'd find myself out of a job very quickly.

If I played poker for a living and won only 10% of the hands I played, I'd be broke very quickly.

If I was a Phishead heading out on summer tour and only secured 10% of the shows I wanted to see, I'd be a bitch to the entities at Ticketbastard.

Or just maybe a couple of kind souls can hook me up with a heady trade?

Alas, the results are in for me. I requested two tickets for every show. With the exception of Knoxville (results pending), all I got were lawn tickets to the Burgettstown, PA show.

Yeah... 1 for 10.

Obviously, I'm seeking out extras to the remainder of the tour. Feel free to contact me for any sort of extras that might come your way.

Good luck to you if you haven't heard about your results, yet.


Nicholas Stock said...

I played by the rules and only requested two tickets to each night of Alpine. Both myself and my friend who lives ten miles from the venue itself got shut out. Alas, now we deal with the Bastard. Good Luck Everyone.

jeciimd said...

Im sure this will provide you little solace...but Burgettstown just happens to be the site of my very first phish show, as well as the future site of JEC III's first show! Think of the historic significance! Dr. Pauly & Dr. J bringing a young neophyte into the fold....(crickets)....oh, well...I tried...good luck in your quest:)