Monday, January 05, 2009

Widespread Panic Dec 30 + 31 Denver CO Downloads

(photo courtesy of BWH20)

I listened to these shows again all day yesterday and they are hot. Great audience recordings that are already labeled and ready for itunes.

Download 12/30:
12/30/08 Pepsi Center, Denver, CO
1: Fishwater, Walkin' (For Your Love) > Wondering, You Should Be Glad, Blight > Climb To Safety, Gimme > Little Kin > Action Man

2: B of D, Time Zones, Genesis, Flicker > Pigeons > Maggot Brain > Drums > Maggot Brain > Pigeons, Christmas Katie > Radio Child > Imitation Leather Shoes

E: Tickle the Truth > Cream Puff War

Download 12/31:
12/31/08 Pepsi Center, Denver, CO
1: Chilly Water > Travelin' Light, Space Wrangler > Coconut, The Take Out > Porch Song, Stop-Go > Driving Song > Breathing Slow

2: As Time Goes By, Tall Boy, Walk On The Flood, Ain't Life Grand* > Who Do You Belong To?*, Fixin' To Die*, Vacation, Clinic Cynic, Weak Brain, Narrow Mind, Don't Be Denied, Angels on High, Arleen > Papa's Home, Give

E: Up All Night, Disco > Love Tractor

* with Dave Johnston on banjo, Jeff Austin on mandolin
[Only 'As Time Goes By'; 'Vacation' thru 'Don't Be Denied' acoustic; Yonder Mountain String Band opens]

BW sent me these...


jonas0tt0 said...

worst. band. ever.

Phish is going to put them out of business. Bitches.

the joker said...

jonas...where is the heady lotus 12/31/08 SBD recording? i am waiting to hear that...

Katie & Amy said...

Happy New Year!!

Thanks for sharing the WSP tunes. I was not about to pay for the webcast and could not make it. Great shows!!!

Love your blog and can't wait for the summer Phish shows...they better make it to Red Rocks!

Anonymous said...

@jonas0tt0. There's no need for that. They aren't the worst band ever. But they aren't the best either. They put out their product and some people like it. I went to both shows and have to say I probably won't be going for a while. I'd say a better term is WSP is over rated. Wasn't impressed by the shows. But hey, it was NYE and I had a good time regardless.