Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Morning Jacket - Live From Las Vega$

Could be juicy. From My Morning Jacket's website (link):

Live from Las Vegas - Exclusively at The Palms

ryan pickett presents, in association with pickettmax films:
candles and panties ‘08 - the iTunes ep - LIVE in las vegas! a ryan pickett production.

the purpose of this ep are to provide the listener with a sensual and deeply personal method for relaxational listening. it is to be enjoyed on a candle-lit bench, a secluded nook, or a sensuous dinner party. under the careful guidance and watchful eye of ryan pickett, we have developed a highly pleasing method of subtle sensation! who knows how deep thine gentle touch? please to enjoy this ep!

Available on iTunes on January 13th.

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Anonymous said...

the description of this is enough to make me all tingly..then there's actually listening to it..yum yum!