Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who's Got My Extra?

Here's a quick list of tickets that we need and any extras that we might have. We are willing to pay cash and are always consider any interesting trades...

BTreotch Needs:
1 Asheville

Joker Needs:
1 Asheville

Pauly Needs:
1 Jones Beach 6.4
1 Great Woods
1 St. Louis

Strawberry Shortcake Needs:
1 Asheville

1 Burgettstown Lawn (Pauly)
1 Alpine Valley (Lawn)

Shoot us an email if you can help us out!


Anonymous said...

I'm down for a trip to TN and NC; they're right around the corner!


BTreotch said...

Got one to Knoxville - sect 100
btw this word verification is awesome: 'chemorod'

Anonymous said...

behind the stage?

Unknown said...

yeah, behind the stage.. but since Phish is translucent, it's no big deal

Unknown said...

what day alpine do you have that extra for? email me