Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bisco Stubbs Interview

Thanks to Ferrin who pointed this interview conducted before and after the infamous Stubbs show from last year.

The Disco Biscuits - Exclusive Interview & Live Performance


the joker said...

barber is talking like i do when im cracked out on adderall

BTreotch said...

whats the short story on this? me computer = no workey for audio

the joker said...

manger is sitting in a porta potty
barber is hopped up on something
allen is standing by a bridge
brownie is in the back of a tour bus
2009 was a great year
they dont read PT, except when they do
they love the energy and the jams

Phishentine said...

Howdy All...

Anyone have links to live recent Bisco?

Looking for some crunch DLs...

As always, great job with the site!


the joker said...

the friday boulder show is pretty good- check out the great abiss...

Phishentine said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

Am grateful for these goodz.

Am open to more recommendations.


Phishentine said...

Thanks for this DL.

The GREAT ABYSS is unparalleled.

Left me speechless and helped finish the last 20 minutes of my 6 mile run with the greatest of great eases.


El Phish