Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trey Anastasio Band - Hotlanta Setlist

Trey is winding down his tour and whipped up a frenzy in Atlanta.
2/27/10 Trey Anastasio Band, Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA

Set 1: Shine, Push On Til, Words to Wanda, Obstacle Course, Night Speaks, Cayman Review, Valentine, Let Me Lie, Mozambique. Money Love & Change, Sultans of Swing, Water in the Sky**, Backwards Down the Number Line**, Bathtub Gin**, Outlaw Josie Wales**, Wilson**

Set 2: Gotta Jiboo, Alaska, Birdwatcher, Sand, Windora Bug, Alive Again, Drifting, Goodbye Head > Mr Completely, Black Dog

Encore: Heavy Things, Show of Life, First Tube

** Solo Ginger
Thanks to Zeke for the incomplete setlist. Thanks to PT user whipcrack for filling in the holes.

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mikey freshh said...

Show was sick!
Second set was the fucking heat!! Trey was sounding better than ever and he was melting faces and taking names.

The tabernacle is the craziest venue i've ever been in. Old church with 3 story stained glass windows, 2 balconies, a pipe organ on the wall, huge chandelier, all these little chill rooms with couches and beds and closed circuit TV's of the stage. Not to mention the maze like basement w/ smoking sections and all the walls were painted like an acid trip.

Ole REd was hopping up and down and all smiles all night. It was a great thing to see.

They absolutely destryoed Black Dog....Jimmy Page would have shit his pants!