Bob Weir's Super Bowl Pick - Who Dat?

My brother pointed out an article on ESPN that included random celebrity Super Bowl picks. Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead was among the 100 celebrities in the poll including Peter from The Brady Bunch, the kid who sees dead people, and Shaq. The majority of celebs picked the Indianapolis Colts to defeat the New Orleans Saints.

Interestingly enough, Bobby Weir went with the New Orleans Saints, even though the Colts are a 4.5 point favorite (the line opened at 5.5). Most musicians are pulling for the underdog Saints in this year's Super Bowl. It is important to mention that in 1970, 19 members of the Dead and their road crew were arrested in New Orleans for possession of marijuana and other narcotics. The drug raid conducted by New Orleans police inspired the lyrics to Truckin'. Even with the shakedown, Bobby still went with New Orleans in this year's Super Bowl.

FYI... the halftime guest at this year's Super Bowl is The Who. That would have been cool like 25 years ago.

In case you were wondering (since I'm the in-house gambling guru at Coventry), I bet New Orleans and the money line and with the points. I have a gut feeling about the Saints and I'm not just saying that because I'm a bitter Jets fan and Indy stomped my hometown team. I definitely feel weird about fading Maya Angelou's pick. She's betting her entire I Know What the Cage Bird Sings quarterly residual check on the Colts. And Phil Ivey? The best poker player on the planet wagered $2 million on the Colts.


StB said…
I have the Saints as well as tails on the coin toss.

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