Thursday, February 18, 2010

Phish Telluride Rumor: Aug 9 + 10

Yesterday afternoon a rumor was started on the web by @telluridenews.

"Possible Phish concert in Telluride August 9 & 10, 2010, book hotel now at "

This simple statement started wild speculation and debate over the possiblity of Phish returning to Telluride. Telluride is one of the most magnificent places in the country (if not the world) and to see Phish there is a dream of many.

PT user Granpa Posted the following message:

02/17/10 4:34PM ET

So heres the scoop,

The meeting to discuss it was canceled today, they will have to first get approval from Telluride Jazz fest because the concert will be on the heels of that event. It will be produced by AEG and Planet Bluegrass and will be maxed out at 9000 tickets. Bluegrass fest allows closer to 12,000 but AEG only asked for 9000. If it is passed by the Jazz board then the parks board will have to pass it, then it will go in front of CASE, and finaly at that point council will have to approve it.

It isnt looking to likely but it could happen, they will be discussing it tonight on our local radio news show. If you want to tune in its at 6pm mtn time on

The radio show discussion sounds very optimistic about this event happening. You can listen here.


Here is what we know:

* The event is being produced my Planet Bluegrass and AEG.

* The setup will be a carbon copy of how they run the bluegrass festival (Stage in Town Park).

* LODGING: All hotels, motels, etc are aware of the Phish show. They are all requiring a 3 night minimum and money down. Rates are being raised for the event and will be comparable to the Bluegrass Festival rates. CANCELATIONS will be charged a 1 night MINIMUM. There will be a lottery for camping that is supposed to be done thru Phish. Mountain Village will be the cheapest place to stay (apparently you have to take a gondola to-and-from the lodging - but the gondola runs till 2am)

* Jazz fest is the week before and who knows, Phish may arrive early and sit in at Jazz Fest.

Check out the pictures of The Grateful Dead's visit to Telluride in 1987.


the joker said...

UPDATE: i just consulted my magic 8 ball app on my iphone...


jesse said...

Damn only 9000 tickets, the scalpers would love that!! And I'd have a hard time NOT paying whatever exorbitant amount I had to, to see this awesome of a show.

So yeah I'm (my finances mostly) kinda hoping it doesn't happen.....maybe something in Denver or somewhere would be an acceptable substitute!?!?

Scheffy said...

covblog is on point. thanks guys. now i have good reason go fly back to the USA.

BTreotch said...

I'm penciling this in.. Never really been to CO in the summertime, but a 3 day/night run would be nicer..