Monday, February 22, 2010

Trey Anastasio Band - Terminal 5 NYC Video

A sampling of video clips from the TAB show at Terminal 5 in New York City on 02.16.10. (including the acoustic set and the encore in their entirety)

Trey Anastasio. Terminal 5. NYC. 02.16.10 from Matthew Kraus on Vimeo.

Skip ahead to 55:25 for my personal favorite, First Tube.


Kid Dynamite said...

joker - what happened to your post on Phish at the Olympics? i saw it in Google Reader but don't see it on the site.

anyway, there is definitely a Phishhead involved with the olympics - i heard Kill Devil Falls during a break in the hockey game yesterday, ,and they used First Tube going to a commercial during bobsled!

the joker said...

yeah i found a clip of Apollo Ohno and Tweeprize but havent been able to get it to show up correctly on the blog.

here is link: