Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LOST: The Substitute

Once again I am teaming up with Ryan from Hidden Track on the LOST Recap setlist. Check out his thoughts and join the discussion of last night's episode over at Hidden Track.

Geronimo Jackson, 2/16/2010
Set I – (Off Island): Lawn Boy > Destiny Unbound (1), Working in The Coal Mine (2) > Workingman’s Blues #2 (3) > Working In The Coal Mine (4), Walkin’ Blues (5)

Set II – (On Island): Jungle Boogie (6) > Come As You Are (7) > Whiskey River (8) > Search and Destroy (9) > Come As You Are (10)> Jacob’s Ladder (11) > Walls Of The Cave (12) > Candidate (13)

E: Choices (14), Substitute (15)

(1) Phish; Locke on Bass, Helen on Vocals
(2) Allen Toussaint; Intro/Instrumental Locke on Keys
(3) Bob Dylan; Hurley- Vocals, Locke on Guitar
(4) Rose on vocals
(5) R.L. Burnside (Unfinished)
(6) Kool & the Gang; Smoke Monster Version
(7) Nirvana; Richard Alpert runs off stage
(8) Willie Nelson; Sawyer on vocals
(9) Iggy and the Stooges; Sawyer on vocals with special guest vocalist Iggy Pop
(10) Alternate Lyrics/ Steinbeck Reference
(11) Rush; MIB on vocals, Sawyer on drums
(12) Phish; Man In Locke + Sawyer on Vocals’ Backwards Down The Number Line tease
(13) David Bowie; Sawyer solo
(14) Geronimo Jackson Original, First Time Played
(15) The Who; Locke on vocals, Ben “the Loon” Linus on drums

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BTreotch said...

another genius setlist.. just got done watching Substitute.. before the ep,I was thinking that jacob is esau's older brother and has him sworn in on some game that he cant get out of.. Now, well I dunno, may be that still holds.. It looks like all the off island Losties are suiting up for some movement that gets them to the island, or at least if it's not "the island" then they'll end up on some other playing field now that "the island" is underwater.. jacob & co. just moved the "game".. you know, the producers have said it's comign down to a good vs evil story, but this seems like bullshit, obv neither jacob or esua are good - at least whereby lying or killing or virtual kidnapping are things not good.. from what i understand the roots of the yin-yang is not a good vs evil, it's just phases.. I dunno, getting off track.. Jacob seems like a duechey older brother and esau is the little brother whose had enough with getting his ass kicked at Risk.. Autralia's the key brAh