Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOST: What Kate Does

***SPOILER ALERT! (kinda)***

Claire is Rousseau'd

I am teaming up with Ryan from Hidden Track on the LOST recaps. Check out Ryan's full review and discussion. Each week we will try to put together a fun recap in the form of a Geronimo Jackson setlist. Check out what we came up with this week:
Geronimo Jackson, 2/9/2010

Set I (Island): Alive Again (1) > Bring It On Home To Me (2) > Fight Test (3) , Nobody’s Fault But My Own (4), Horse Pills (5) > Poison (6) > Sister Christian (7)

Set II (Off Island): Drive My Car (8)> Hello My Baby (9) > I Wanna Be Sedated (10) >Watching The Detectives (11) > Sister Christian Reprise

(1) Trey Anastasio cover; Sayid on vocals
(2) Sam Cooke cover; Kate on vocals
(3) Flaming Lips Cover; Sayid on drums
(4) Beck cover; Sawyer on acoustic (cries)
(5) Dandy Warhols cover, Dogen on vocals with Zombie tease by Hurley
(6) Alice Cooper Cover; Jack on vocals
(7) Night Ranger cover, Jack and Claire on vocals
(8) Beatles Cover; Kate on guitar
(9) Traditional; A Capella – Claire, Kate on vocals
(10) The Ramones cover; Ethan makes special appearance, first time in 8 episodes, with Needle and the Damage Done tease
(11) Elvis Costello cover; Kate
Head over to Hidden Track to discuss and read Ryan's complete recap and insights.

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pretty genius setlist..