Monday, February 01, 2010

LOST + Phish Songs

Feb 2 is tomorrow. Rumor has it that SCI will be announcing some dates. It is Groundhog Day. The final season of LOST premiers.

Our friends over at Hidden Track put together a very entertaining post pairing LOST charracters with Phish songs. Check it out.

one of my favorites:
Jack – Fluffhead

He’s sure got some powerful pills, oh yeah.”

Certainly, we all expect a big heroic ending from Jack in the final episode akin to the climax from Fluffhead, whereby he saves the Losties and squares off against the Others. But in our mind, Jack’s finest hour came as Future Jack when melted down, grew a playoff beard, and got hooked on Brett Favres.

We are pretty sure that Jack loves the Oxy Years compliations.


Ryan D said...

Thanks for the link guys! We'll have to do some Lost collaborations once the season gets rolling.

the joker said...

for sure Ryan! pumped for tonight and this season!