Sunday, February 14, 2010

Trey Likes Lady Ga Ga

Thanks to Benjo who pointed out this article in New Yorker Magazine about Lady Ga Ga. apparently, Big Red is a fan (or more likely, his teenage daughters are and begged their Dad to take them to see Ga Ga) and was spotted at one of her shows in NYC...
Inside the hall's Art Deco lobby, club kids and drag queens mingled with Trey Anastasio, the guitarist from Phish, and Donald Trump. A five-year-old girl in full Gaga regalia—black unitard, big sparkly shoulder pads, blond wig, and rhinestoned biker'’s hat, a sort of JonBenet Ramsey of pop—posed for pictures like a pro... More
Trey mingling with Donald Trump and drag queens? Or was it really Chuck Norris checking out Lady Ga Ga?

Funny thing is... I work in the poker industry and everyone has been talking about Lady Ga Ga's epic smash hit Poker Face. I heard it for the first time in Miami (during the Phish shows) when I drove from the airport. No bullshit. I thought Lady Ga Ga was a tranny. Had no idea she was an actual female... with a vag.


Broseph said...

She toured for a few years as the Stephanie Germanotta band but got no run. She turned into a circus act and is now bigger than oil. Go figure. (steph Germanotta band vid)

Eric said...

I saw Lady Gaga play a show two years ago by accident. I guess she'd just started to get radio play and i'd never heard of her. I, too, seriously thought she was a tranny until she started getting in the tabloids a few months later.