Monday, February 22, 2010

Coventry's Weekly Round Up: Telluride Rumor, Downtempo Mix, More Trey Setlists

Lots of chatter on the intertubes over the last week. Trey and his classic TAB line up continue their tour while Telluride rumors are spreading like a case a clap in a Bangkok brothel.

Here's the highlights over the previous week...
Phish Telluride Rumor - August 9 & 10
Trey Anastasio Band Setlists
Further - Utica, NY 2/20/10 (review & video)
Trey Likes Lady Ga Ga
Downtempo Fans: The Dinning Rooms (mix)
2 Cuties from Vermont Sing 3 Little Birds (video)
LOST: The Substitute
TAB: Black Dog (video)
Happy Birthday, Fish! (video)
That's it for now. Enjoy your week!

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