Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dozer's STS9 Compliation

Murph on the Island looking for the Shadow of the Statue

Check out this compilation I found- It includes some of my favorite STS9 songs and improv with Gordo.

Dozer's STS9 Compilation

-Mixed to sound like one continuous set
-All recordings are soundboard
-All files are mp3, 223+ vbr

Equinox (06-26-04)
Music, Us -> (12-28-08)
Improv -> (06-23-04)
ABCees (08-25-07)
Improv with Mike Gordon (07-23-08)
Circus (01-27-06)
Breathe In (12-29-06)
We'll Meet In Our Dreams (03-08-07)
Tap In (03-13-07)

thanks to Dozer/BackPorchTaterBangin from PT for posting!

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