More Ticket Woes: Asheville

This is just ridiculous:

"Most of the 180 or so fans gathered outside the Asheville Civic Center waiting for Phish tickets were mightily disappointed today. Tickets sold out in virtual seconds, with an error in the Ticketmaster system apparently releasing the 400 tickets that were supposed to be held back for the venue. Only about 20 people got tickets, said the Civic Center’s executive director Sherman Bass."

Read the whole article here
. "Computer error"...yeah right.


Irongirl01 said…
to coin a phrase from poker.... online ticketing is rigged.
change100 said…
LiveNation is sucking even worse this morning. I'm going on 80 minutes of solid error messages trying for Great Woods and Alpine Valley.
Irongirl01 said…
l hour and 26 minutes in and im still in the waiting room. No error messages for me though just this.

Due to a high volume of traffic and longer than average wait times,
you have been placed in a temporary waiting room.

If you continue to wait, you will be randomly placed in a queue to continue.
You can also check back later when our site becomes available.

Thank you for your patience.
Irongirl01 said…
this is friggin ridiculous. 12:50 EST and still in the waiting area. Is Live Nation even LIVE? I have no idea if great woods is sold out at this point.

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