Boulder Theater renamed "Bisco Theater" - Colorado Run Night 2

The Disco Biscuits played at the Boulder Theater for the first time last night. As if to prove a point that they belonged there intead of the smaller Fox Theater, they played a fantastic high energy show. The first set was only 3 songs but it included some inspired jamming by all members. The second set energy of crowd yell-a-longs like Helicopters and coming back to Run Like Hell was fun. Allen Aucoin is proving to me that he is one of the best drummers on the scene these days. I was very impressed with his hi-hat fills and seamless transitions between kit and e-drums. Other drummers are funky; Allen is fast, precise, and he has the confidence now to drive the jams.

01/17/08 Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO
Set I: Run Like Hell> Crickets1> Spy2
Set II: Jam> Story Of The World> Helicopters> Save The Robots1> Story Of The World, Mindless Dribble> Run Like Hell
Encore: Abraxas> Helicopters

1 inverted
2 ending only

and of course, the video...


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