Disco Biscuits Colorado Run: Night 1 - Ft. Collins

I had a great time last night at the Aggie Theater on a frigid night in Ft. Collins. Overall, I thought there was a lot of strong guitar playing from Barber. Bass and drums grooved all night, hardly ever stopping. Lots of jamming, it was the kind of show where I would often think "what song is this? did i lose my place?" I have been saying that when you see Bisco 4 nights in a row, one show will be an A+, one will be a C-, and two will be B/B+. I think we saw a B+ last night.

01/16/08 Aggie Theater, Fort Collins, CO
(9:35pm)Set I: Jigsaw Earth> And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night1> The Great Abyss> Astronaut2 (10:47pm)

(11:35)Set II: Morph Dusseldorf> Cyclone> Munchkin Invasion1 3> Morph Dusseldorf, Alter Ego4> dub jam> Jigsaw Earth (1am)
Encore: Rock Candy

1 inverted
2 ending only
3 with "The Thieving Magpie" tease
4 unfinished

and the video:


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