STS9 12/31/07 Webcast Download

photo credit: willy a

from a nice fellow on (sts9 message board) named "beyowka"...

"i watched this live, i ripped and tracked this all myself, for my own personal use. it's NOT perfect by any means mostly due to the limitations of the typical webcast. I buy this stuff when it's for sale, but this one wasn't, at least not yet, and I did not sync this to the official sbd or anything like that, the webcast was free and there is no profit motive here and I asked earlier in this thread ( but no response I think that it is within the spirit of the STS9 taping policy, so i hope i don't get any shit for sharing, but this was just too good to keep to myself.

STS9 NYE 2007 webcast, almost in its entirety (missing Murph at the front, but including setbreaks - almost 4 hours total), tracked out and converted to highest quality ipod video (640x480, 24fps, aac audio); might be a bit heavy, i don't know why, but take a few, take em all, go for it. if you want to convert to lossy format to downsize the files, i'm sure it started lossy, they're lossy now, knock yourself out bottom line I definitely think it's worth your time to check this out."

Note: VLC is what you will need to watch these- They don't play in winamp or any other media player that doesn't support Mp4.

Set 1
sts9_2007-12-31_01_Music, Us.mp4 (92 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_02_986 Foot Tall Trees.mp4 (108 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_03_Pianoir.mp4 (96 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_04_We'll Meet In Our Dreams.mp4 (127 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_05_Hi-Key.mp4 (71 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_06_Move My Peeps.mp4 (144 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_07_Murph.mp4 (7 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_08_Setbreak 1.mp4 (108 MB)

Set 2
sts9_2007-12-31_09_Set 2 Intro.mp4 (7 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_10_Instantly.mp4 (165 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_11_Monkey Music.mp4 (142 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_12_Really Wut.mp4 (134 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_13_Kaya.mp4 (115 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_14_Untitled.mp4 (70 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_15_Murph.mp4 (3 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_16_Setbreak 2.mp4 (161 MB)

Set 3
sts9_2007-12-31_17_Set 3 Intro.mp4 (5 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_18_Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature.mp4 (118 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_19_New Years Celebration.mp4 (90 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_20_Lo Swaga.mp4 (94 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_21_Arigato.mp4 (94 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_22_Blu Mood.mp4 (132 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_23_Rent.mp4 (103 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_24_One a Day.mp4 (91 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_25_Be Nice.mp4 (107 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_26_Encore Break.mp4 (21 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_27_Inspire Strikes Back.mp4 (118 MB)
sts9_2007-12-31_28_Postshow.mp4 (10 MB)

Note: VLC is what you will need to watch these- They don't play in winamp or any other media player that doesn't support Mp4.


Anonymous said…
Wow.. thats a lot of work. Perhaps I can get this from you by data->DVD in the future. Too many to d/l from down south; I think I'll pick a few to check out though.

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