A bunch of Radiohead links

Radiohead has been busy and I have found a lot of cool Radiohead links lately. Check it out:

Chris Thile - Morning Bell
Wow. A bluegrass interpretation of Radiohead. This is not hee-haw. This is badass.

Radiohead- Gagging Order (Acoustic Recordings)
Good Morning Mr. Magpie / You / There There / Fake Plastic Trees / Banana Co. / Blow Out / Scatterbrain / Go To Sleep / Subterreanean Homesick Alien / My Iron Lung / Knives Out / Karma Police / On the Beach / Creep / I Might Be Wrong / Follow Me Around/ Sail to the Moon/ Street Spirit [Fade Out] / Gagging Order / Everything in its Right Place

Radiohead- Jigsaw Falling Into Place [Import]

"2008 UK three track CD single hailed as one of the stand out songs
from their In Rainbows album. Features 'Jigsaw Falling Into Place'
plus two previously unreleased live recordings ['Down Is The New Up'
and 'Last Flowers'] performed by Thom Yorke in November 2005 for the
TV show From The Basement"

5-1-04 Indio, Ca (Coachella Music Festival)

There There / 2+2=5 / Lucky / Myxomatosis / My Iron Lung / Exit Music
(For A Film) / The Gloaming / Karma Police / Sail To The Moon / I
Might Be Wrong / Sit Down, Stand Up / No Surprises / The National
Anthem / Paranoid Android / Idioteque / Street Spirit (Fade Out) / You
And Whose Army? / Planet Telex / Creep / Everything In Its Right Place

Radiohead 2008-01-16 London Download

from www.ateaseweb.com:
What had to be an instore performance at London’s Rough Trade East record store, turned into a Radiohead gig at 93 Feet East, where the band played ‘In Rainbows’ in full.

The police made the band move to nearby venue 93 Feet East, which has a bigger capacity. But due to the move, Radiohead started over two hours later at 22:20 hrs (UK time) with ‘15 step’. Thom Yorke then probably realized what they got themselves into: ‘What a fucking day!’ and then the band played ‘Bodysnatchers’.

It looked liked the band were going to play ‘In Rainbows’ in full and so Thom already said: ‘Guess what’s next’… The band went on to play ‘Nude’, ‘Arpeggi’, ‘All I Need’, ‘Faust Arp’, ‘Reckoner’, ‘House Of Cards, Jigsaw Falling Into Place’ and ended with ‘Videotape’.

Thom came back for the encore to play ‘Up On The Ladder’, after which the full band joined to play ‘You and Whose Army?’, ‘The National Anthem’, ‘My Iron Lung’ and closed the set with ‘The Bends’.

Radiohead @ BBC Radio1 01/17
Radiohead in for Zane Lowe, Broadcast: BBC Radio 1, SAT.
Download (1 track)
1. MIA - Paper Planes - XL
2. The Bug - Poison Dart (South Rawkus remix) - Ninja Tune
3. Kings of Leon - Charmer - Sony
4. Sonic Youth - Youth Against Fascism - DGC
5. !!! - Heart Of Hearts - Warp
6. Modeselektor - The Dark Side Of The Sun - BPitch
7. Os Mutantes - A Minha Menina
Hottest Record In The World
8. Burial - Archangel - Hyperdub
9. Sugar Bear - Dont Scandalize Me - Solid State
10. Happy Mondays - Wrote For Luck - Factory
11. AFX - Crying In Your Face - DGC (01:00)
12. Bass Clef - Ballad of The Broken
13. XTC - Sgt Rock - Is Going To Help Me - Virgin
14. Holy F*** - Lovely Allen - Young Turks
15. Jorge Ben - Umba-bara-uma - Philips
16. Carl Craig - Demented - Laurent Garnier Edit - Planet E Jonny from the band on the phone
17. Tomas Anderson - Happy Happy - Bpitch
18. The Damned - New Rose - Stiff
19. Asian Dub Foundation - Naxalite - London
20. Iron And Wine - The Devil Never Sleeps - Sub Pop
21. Konono No1 - Lufuala Ndonga - Hyperdub
22. Grizzly Bear - He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss) - Warp


Anonymous said…
The BBC radio show is just superb, as is the 93 Feet East show. Do you have any Jorge Ben albums? I may have to upload some.
the joker said…
Ed O'brien played some other jorge ben songs on the thumbs_down webcast that i really really liked. I do not have any of his albums or know much about him. If you have anything you should def. educate us.

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