Ween 1/24/08 Toad's Place - Richmond, VA

Ween January 24th, 2008 - Toad's Place - Richmond, VA
Taped and transferred by Todd (titotito at gmail)
*Bastardized to MP3*

Set 1/Disc 1:
01. The HIV Song
02. Golden Eel
03. Stallion 3
04. Piss up a Rope
05. Bananas and Blow
06. Learning love
07. Voodoo lady
08. Your Party
09. Take me away
10. Gabrielle
11. Even if You Dont
12. Pandy
13. Buckingham Green
14. Spinal Meningitis
15. Bare Hands
16. Baby Bitch

Set 1/Disc 2:
01. Final Alarm
02. Object
03. Touch My Tooter
04. Don't Get to Close
05. Woman and Man
06. The Mollusk
07. Ocean Man
08. Fat Lenny
09. Dr. Rock
10. Fiesta
11. Big Jilm
12. Sorry Charlie
13. Booze Me Up
14. Fluffy

Up in Summit County, CO they have some wonderful local radio stations. I heard "Best Time at Your Party" for the first time a few weeks ago - I did not realize that it was a Ween song. When you don't know that a song is a Ween song it puts things in a different context...I kept on thinking "is this for real? this is awful." My buddy Pat does a great "serious" version of this song...now that we know it is a Ween song we kind of like it. Anyway, check out some live Ween...


Anonymous said…
Seeing Ween this weekend in St. Pete for the first time; quite excited about the adventure to come...I get quite the thrill out of reading your detailed accounts of love making to music, that is, in it, with it, during it - jah know? All the above...much love my friend!

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