Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Trucks - The Trucks (2006)

"What makes you think we can fuck just because you put your tongue in my mouth and you twisted my titties baby?"

Against a fat synth and a little break beat, such poetry leads off the second track from The Trucks self-titled album. An all female electro-punk rock quartet (myspace) hailing from Washington state that formed in 2003 made a really fun, unabashed album released by Clickpop records in 2006. Straddling a musical and lyrical border of ridiculous and heartfelt sincerity - they've got a style and approach that I've never heard. Half the time I want to dance, the other half I'm laughing too hard to dance.

"...you hate yourself so you try and hate me but you can't hate a girl who looks good dancing.."

"...so we say, you are in lucks we are the ladies of the trucks and we don't give a fucks when we trippin all you bucks.."

"...i didn't expect to find my tits against the wall and your monotone drone didn't phase me at all
i was kinda dissappointed cause you promised me lunch but all i got was a diddle-bot donkey punch!..."

"...so you're wanting something traditional, well traditionally my love is conditional on whether or not you get down on your knees, why the fuck won't you go down on me?..."

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