Monday, May 17, 2010

Anders Osborne w/ Stanton Moore Trio

When I saw Anders Osborne with the Stanton Moore Trio at Jazz Fest I was not expecting to be rocked as hard as I was. Stanton Moore and keyboardist Robert Walter are two of the funkiest aliens on earth right now, but with Anders they turn into a ROCK AND ROLL band. Off stage Anders Osborne looks like he just walked to the club from a homeless shelter, but on stage he is a rock star. Check out the video from the San Francisco show last week:

Be sure to check out Anders Osborne live when he comes to your town. Tour dates and album info at JamBase.


BTreotch said...

I have to admit I've never even beard of Anders..

phunk42 said...

OMG I saw Anders Osborne @ Jazz Fest too! Jaw was on the floor.