Disco Biscuits 5/27/10 Boulder Theater: The Return of The Barber

I have been one of the biggest critics of Jon "Barber" Gutwillig in 2010. I think he is an amazing guitarist when he wants to be. About 8 weeks ago Barber broke his wrist in a sketchy backstage incident and tonight was the first time he was back with the band playing a full show. I had low expectations of his return, but was impressed at Barber's playing and precision all night. The setlist:

05/27/10 Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO
Set I: Flash Mob, Rivers, Story Of The World> Aceetobee> Boom Shanker> Aceetobee
Set II: Save The Robots, The Very Moon> Digital Buddha> Lunar Pursuit> Digital Buddha
Encore: Spy

This afternoon Bisco played an impromptu "flash mob" acoustic set on Pearl Street in Boulder. From all accounts it wasn't about the the acoustic versions of songs, but rather about a band and a crowd that is hungry, frisky and excited. This weekend people are fucking pumped that Barber is back and Bisco is in Colorado. Tonight's Aceetobee > Boom Shanker > Aceetobee in the first set was incredible, as was the second set Buddha > Lunar Persuit> Buddha. The band is playing well. It was not the greatest Bisco show ive ever seen, but it was way above average and blew away my expectations. I think we are in for a fun weekend in Colorado, kidddzzz. See you at the Ogden on Friday and Red Rocks on Saturday.

PS- did you see the moon tonight? Brownie did, and thats why we got a Lunar Persuit and The Very Moon!


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