MIX: Background Beats Vol. 3

Background Beats is back with Volume 3 of deep grooves, blending the finest elements of Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, and Chillout beats. Three volumes in, featuring 40 DIFFERENT artists, and not a single artist has been repeated. Don't be afraid of the unknown - try something new!

track. song / artist

01. Lazy Moon - Groove Armada
02. Forty Winks - The Herbaliser Band
03. Gangmaker - Momma Gravy
04. Broken Ambers - Gil T
05. Fire Diamond - Ostraka
06. Here Is Love - Ralph Myerz and The Jack Herre
07. Plain Song - Sidewinder
08. The Beatiful Lure - Up, Bustle And Out
09. Gwai Lao Homecoming - Spunkshine
10. Final Home - DJ Krush
11. After dawn - Weathertunes
12. Woke Up This Morning - The Brothas And Sistas
13. Closer to You - Jimpster

14. The Best Part Of Waking Up... - Destruments


Need Background Beats Volume 1 & 2?
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LinkStill need more? Be sure to check out the Pandora station: Background Beats - 24 hours of non-stop electronic chillout beats.


23skidoo said…
Loving this series...thanks!!!
Rummel said…
Another excellent compilation...Keep up the chill work!
jonas0tt0 said…
Thanks for the feedback, I truly appreciate it.

Volume 4 explores 17 more artists. It will be posted tomorrow morning. Enjoy!

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