Friday, May 21, 2010

Visioneers: Dirty Old Hip Hop

Marc Mac is better known as one half of 4hero, the duo that founded legendary drum & bass label Reinforced Records and changed the shape of UK electronic music.

Visioneers music is the sound of Hip Hop and Jazz in a head-on collision, this is most demonstrated on tracks like Ikes Mood and versions of the classic Nas - The World Is Yours and Pharcyde Runnin.

The project features the talents of Brad Somatik and 4hero drummer Luke Parkhouse and features Linkguest vocals from rappers Capitol A and Voice. Marc explains - the Visioneers idea was in my head long before we recorded the first record.

Visioneers is not a band its a studio project. I want to pay respect to hip hop producers like Jazzy Jeff, Jay Dee and Pete Rock for introducing me to Jazz and I needed to produce the tracks like hip hop records that sound phat in a club and not like dinner Jazz, its about reclaiming Jazz.



bechulis said...

Muchas gracias :)

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