Saturday, May 22, 2010

MIX: Background Beats Vol. 5

Originally this was going to be ready last week, but by Thursday I gave it a listen and thought, "Meh, this shit sucks." Here's why: Up until this volume I had been whipping these things out in a matter of a couple hours because the tracks were ones that had been in my library for a long time and that I enjoy on a regular basis. Well, the truth is that I ran out of artists without repeating ones that I have already posted and was about to post a bunch of music that I wasn't very excited about. So the first attempt at this volume got deleted and the search began for new artists that I could include on the series. I listened, downloaded, sorted out the crap, and came up with this. The result? The best volume yet: Background Beats Volume 5.

track. song - artist

01. Ike's Mood Ia - Visioneerss
02. Yess - Banzai Republic
03. Triage - Hardkandy
04. Moon - Little People
05. Free And Beautifull - Dove Souls
06. Northern Lights - Lux
07. So long - Mr. Scruff
08. Rebirth - Abhay Nabosi
09. Calmer - Zoot Woman
10. Detect Mode - Highend
11. Rise - Nightmares On Wax
12. Bossanovastyle A - Deceptikon
13. Everyone - Numatic Soul
14. Sudan - Hamsa Lila
15. Dissolve - The Mass Appeal
16. Blue Moon - Blank And Jones


Get the entire Background Beats series:
(click on the pics below to download)



Anonymous said...

We are loving these mixes! Thank you so much for putting them together and putting them out there.

Finz said...

These are great. I listen to them frequently at work.

Would love to see some Joey Youngman thrown in a future mix.

SlipOn said...

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