LOST Finale Initial Thoughts

Overall im really satisfied. I loved the ending. ::tear::

For me, and I feel the creators as well- LOST is about life and death, faith and science, spirit and flesh, and I feel that the title refers to the characters' souls, not their location.

The moments of awareness in the flash-sideways during which they remembered the Island were memories of the moments that really mattered to these people, the moments that matter in life: babies being born, laughter, kissing, love, genuine selflessness. All the back and forth and struggle on the island wasn't really what mattered. In the end, you need the people in your life, and they need you, and you create a space together where a whole bunch of stuff happens, but when you look back at your life, everything fades into the background, and what's left in relief is what's important.

Much like our understanding of this universe, there are many unanswered questions in the LOST universe. The questions of life. Some look for answers in religion, some look for answers in science, and some don't look at all. We have the Dharma Initiative and the Temple and the Rules...we understand parts of the answers but much like life there will always be mysteries. I need to watch again and i'm pressed for time today to write- but I think I initially "get" what the show was going for and what it is all about. Its a reflection of how complicated our lives are, a reflection of how little we really understand about our existence, and how we are all searching to find the people who are really important to each of us and make our lives worth living.

Ryan put together the epic setlist this week:

Geronimo Jackson, May 23, 2010

Set I (Off Island): Loser (1), Camaro (2), You All Everybody (3), Tranquilize (4), Love Doctor (5), Fix You (6), Reunited (7), Love Song (8), Sweet Child of Mine (9), Romeo and Juliet (10)

Set II (On Island): Got a Job (11), Deal (12), Cabin in the Woods (13), Let’s Do Something Cheap and Superficial (14), Par Avion (15), Blinded By the Light (16), Shot in the Back of the Head (17), Sacrifice (18)

Encore: Father and Son (19) > Let’s Go Crazy (20) > Shine a Light (21)

(1) Beck; Oceanic Airlines Delivery guy with reenactment of the coffin pulling sequence from the Beck music video
(2) Kings of Leon; Hurley and Kate
(3) Driveshaft; Charlie, bass player heavily intoxicated and wearing eye makeup
(4) The Killers; Hurley, Sayid, and Charlie
(5) George Thorogood; Juliet, Sun, and Jin
(6) Coldplay; Jack and Locke
(7) Yes; Sayid and Shannon
(8) Tesla; Sayid and Shannnon
(9) Guns n’ Roses; Claire, Charlie, and Kate
(10) Dire Straits; Sawyer and Juliet
(11) Smokey Robinson; Jack
(12) The Grateful Dead; Locke and Jack
(13) Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers; Bernand, Rose, and Desmond
(14) Burt Reynolds; Lapidus
(15) Mike and the Mechanics; Lapidus, Miles, and Richard
(16) Manfred Mann; Desmond
(17) Moby; Kate, Locke, and Jack
(18) Elton John; Jack
(19) Cat Stevens; Jack and Christian Shephard
(20) Prince; Christian Shappard on intro narration, Ensemble
(21) The Rolling Stones; Christian Shephard, Ensemble

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Amy Lou said…
I think you summed it up perfectly.
Wonderful show, fitting ending.
Julius_Goat said…
Aaaaah, finally I can come here to bathe in some love for this magnificent piece of pop culture.

Loved it.
ericwyman said…
Loved it!

I really enjoyed the fact that they resolved the characters and the relationships at the cost of the "science-based" revelations. In hindsight the show was never about the science, but rather about the context of how those factors impacted the paths of the characters.

The questions that the final scene raises is so much more fulfilling than knowing about the polar bear or the wheel.

My personal thoughs are focused solely on the Sideways and what the context of the ending meant to them as individuals and "what" that place was. Christian said that they all "made this place". Almost as if they create their own identity inside of it but their connections in life keep them together. They exist as spirits whose only goal upon enlightenment is to bring enlightenment to those who have not found it and move on together...as a family, per se. I thought it was a really beautiful ending. On Jimmy Kimmel they flashed back to S6E1 and when the plane is in the turbulence and comes out of it, Rose looks at Jack and says "you can let go now". She knows where she is and wants to help Jack. The concept of "letting go" was pervasive throughout the season and I enjoyed seeing them pull that together.

In a rather surprising turn of events, this show became transcendent to many many people, myself included, away from that of a story about mystery to one about our relationships as human beings and how do we take stock of the things that matter most in our lives. Crazy.
Broseph said…
Good write up. One thing I can say about Lost is they do a deliberate, focused job with symbolism.

Haters of the last episode, or lost in general, probably do not enjoy symbolism.

Those who just wanted dumbed down zone out tv couldn't hate lost more.

I'm glad that on some level, lost rejected the fastfood model of TV and tried to be real story, with symbolism, references to past literature and arc-typical characters.
the joker said…
LOST discussion with Alan Sepinwall (my favorite TV critic), Chuck Klosterman and a couple others...http://espn.go.com/espnradio/player?rd=1#/podcenter/?id=5213533&callsign=ESPNRADIO&autoplay=1
DiscoSis1 said…
i'm still laughing about jack's epic battle cat/wolverine jump on the cliff towards smoke monster locke.
Rutherford said…
Hey Joker...great recap per usual...wanted to share mine with you as well. We're pretty much on the same page ;)


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